May 13-14, 2011

A Historic 2-Day

An International Anti-Human Trafficking Event

USA  |  Europe


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The Demand Change Project 2011 is the first ever and first annual event of its kind. Produced by Breaking Free, a leading anti-human trafficking advocacy organization for sex-trafficked women and girls and by MATTOO, a pioneering men’s anti-human trafficking organization, this unprecedented 2-day International event will take place May 13-14, 2011 in St. Paul, MN with a simultaneous awareness events in Mijas, Spain for the purpose of ending the demand for the buying and selling of human beings for any purpose. Never before, have a Men’s and Women’s anti-human trafficking organization collaborated in this capacity.

Friday: The U.S. event will consist of several events over 2 days beginning with a seminar, Friday afternoon, which includes the release of a groundbreaking research project by Melissa Farley on the “John’s”. Friday night, at the top of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in St. Paul, we have the VIP Launch Party in which leading abolitionists from around the globe will come together to share resources, celebrate the work being done, honor survivors, and prepare for the weekend’s festivities. The event will include an art exhibit of work created by survivors, live music, an awards ceremony, and highlights from leading abolitionist organizations around the world. This event will inspire the next wave of abolitionists and connect them with the leaders in the field who have been in the trenches for years.

Saturday: is an action packed multi-event day/evening to include a satellite conference call with the MATTOO’s events team in Spain, a panel discussion from survivors and advocates, a panel discussion with police, FBI, lawmakers and legislators to answer the tough questions about what is being done to address the demand side of this issue.


After the panels, the historic MATTOO’s Men Rally/Walk against human trafficking will take place at the state Capitol. The walk will culminate by joining the simultaneous Women’s “For Her” Marketplace Block Party happening on Exchange St. near the Capitol. Survivors of human trafficking and other women will be waiting to support and cheer on the men while enjoying a Marketplace (with many Fair Trade vendors), music and other activities.

When the men arrive, the women will be there to help celebrate and acknowledge that these men are publicly pledging to be a part of the coming “demand change” that refuses to purchase sex in any form and in so doing, they also commit to uniting with women in the fight against all types of modern day slavery.

The evening will end with the Victory Benefit Concert for Breaking Free at the Fitzgerald Theater (also on Exchange St.) with five time Award-winning Christian Recording Artist and anti-slavery activist Nicole C. Mullen.

We welcome your participation in this historic event and encourage you to be involved by joining us as a guest at any or all of the events or by being a sponsor and exhibitor.

Brought to you by:

Based in St. Paul, MN, Breaking Free was established in 1996, by Founder and Executive Director Vednita Carter, Breaking Free provides housing, advocacy, education and hope to sex-trafficked/prostituted women and girls.

MATTOO exists to educate and involve men, raise international public awareness, and employ the power of innovative business to advance sustainable and transformational human trafficking policy and cultural changes.

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